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Making a game? Find out more about it using data analytics and player modelling.
Learn how it’s perceived by an objective sample of gamers, compare it with the current or upcoming market environment, and gain unbiased knowledge to make the most of your creation.

Prawda Wprost

Impartial Truth

We give you unbiased data driven knowledge, perform a reality check of your ideas, cure the in-group thinking bias and make sure your financial and image risks are minimized

What you get:

  • Undistorted knowledge
  • Scientific data from independent sources
  • Implementation-ready reports
Prawda Prosto Wprost


In short, we don’t lie and we’re not people pleasers. We will always be honest with you and will always tell you the problem, but also how we propose for you to solve it. We may be rough around the edges, but we never leave you alone with the truth arising from the data.

What you get:

  • Certainity, clarity, readability
  • Realistic and honest evaluation
  • Reports to modify direction, or show-off with
Profesjonalisci Zawodowcy

Professional team

Our clients tell us we know our way around games, research and marketing. That our research and reports are professional and valuable. They state our advice on what and how to test is on point. We think it’s because we’ve been involved in games, marketing and research for over a dozen years.

What you get:

  • Professional support
  • Partners who know what and why they’re doing things
  • A little peace and confidence

Objective data will empower your games and development plans. Our work reduces your risk to imperfectly allocate your valuable resources in production and publishing.

Gaming Sense Badania Ilosciowe

Gaming Sense – quantitative research

Cross-sectional surveys exploring or verifying assumptions about the market. Directed at all businesses or individuals in the gaming industry, or similar, who need precise, generalisable figures relevant to clearly defined areas.

Strategie Marketingowe

Marketing strategy

Game analysis – from the concept phase through the prototype and beta version. Market and media analysis, open-source intelligence and key success factors contexts. We help set realistic sales targets, tactics, action plans and KPI’s. Additionally we can assist in developing your brand foundations and communications strategy.

Game Experience Tracking UX Playtesty

Gamer Experience Tracking™

In-depth qualitative research – playtests/laboratory focus tests under the guidance of psychologists and data-based gaming experience analysis. We have our own database of well-segmented players; from casual to hardcore gamers. We can provide a representative sample for any target group. Aditionally, we can enrich the research with neuromarketing methods, e.g., biofeedback.

Silent reviews

Pre-launch confidential reviews from gaming media experts (at any production phase). We only work with veterans writing for the biggest gaming media in Poland, the UK and US.

Due Dilligence Gaming

Due diligence

Directed at investors during the pre-transaction phase. We diligently analyse the market situation and of the game potential – from the conceptual phase or the first prototypes. Estimation of the potential profitability of the game in the context of the launch calendar and market trends, together with advice on possible investment risk mitigation.

Combining passion for games, marketing and analytics.

The synergy of two personalities, different areas of expertise and career paths allowed us to create a unique place on the gaming business map. We have been in the game for over twenty years and know almost everything about games; we know how to test and analyse them, and how to diagnose and concisely report issues.

We know how to apply all market and media research methods to gaming and deliver high-level marketing in the broadest sense.

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Michał Dębek

Michal is a doctor of psychology, certified marketer (CIM DipM VRQ Level 6) and senior researcher in qualitative & quantitative methodologies. Former professor at the Institute of Psychology – University of Wroclaw, where he has been head of Consumer Psychology Track, and former head of marketing at Techland with extensive industry experience.

He develops his business oriented attitude since 1998. Currently obsessed by gathering of classic and bio-feedback from gamers, customer insights research, and strategic marketing analytics for gaming industry.

Superpowers: marketing maniac, fanatic data miner

Maciej Żmuda-Adamski

Maciej has chosen video games as a way of living which connects passion with work. Entered VG industry in 1997 as a journalist (still active), which led into game development & publishing in 2007.

Former PR Manager & Brand Manager at Techland (responsible for e.g. Dying Light) and Chief Marketing Officer at mobile app design & development agency Nomtek. Producer of the very first european video game utilizing the upcoming Mixed Reality technology for Magic Leap.

Superpowers: walking gamepedia, one-man-institution


Will Try Evidence research show which elements of my game put new gamers off?

Yes. We conduct thorough laboratory tests of the game at each production stage – from alpha version through RC and Early Access – to let the developer and/or the publisher know what is not quite right about the game. What is off-putting, boring or distracting; what confuses, frustrates or annoy gamers. Our tests also cover tutorials and FTUE – as regards general gameplay and specific analyses, e.g. UI.

Will we find out from Try Evidence reports if our game will be received well by gamers and appeal to the target audience?

If you’ve already identified your target market and described the audience to sell your game to, the answer simple – yes, of course. If your commercialisation plans, however, are not clearly defined or very preliminary, we will work with you on a market strategy for the game – from identification of the product through the brand foundations – and only then move on to assess the commercial potential.

Will Try Evidence reports tell us which parts of the game to develop (and in what direction) and which should be abandoned?

Yes, our basic service is the audit of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the game. It is provided as part of every research. An in-depth report of the results-based SWOT analysis is complemented by our unbiased recommendations for further game and brand development.

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