Need an insightful checkpoint before a milestone?

Get clear & reliable data that’ll drive
right decisions from insights based on:

  • silent reviews by expert influencers (FYEO)
  • playtests designed and supervised by psychologists and gaming professionals
  • UX research including eye tracking and biometrics data
  • actionable video games industry research

We bring you peace of mind, fresh ideas, and a reality check of your concept.
Here’s how:

Silent reviews

We’ll tell you how your game would be reviewed and scored in media. Get a clear report what works fine and what should be reconsidered.

Playtests / UX research

We’ll verify how well your ideas and features work and how the game is really played by your actual end users.

Bio feedback

We’ll bring you an analysis of behavior based on your users’ biometric data. How do they really feel? Are they engaged, frustrated, happy? What did they notice or miss?

Industry research / OSINT

We’ll help you providing market analysis, intelligence backed up by insights from experienced professionals, and reliable data sources.

We promise you that:

  • We work only with the most influential journalists, experts and practictioners.
  • We sample the players carefully to match right people with your particular game and issues tracked.
  • We do not reveal your brand to our experts and playtesters.
  • No public information. All insights are kept confidential and protected by a NDA agreement.
  • All data will be shown for your eyes only.

We are extremely frank and direct.

Michał Dębek and Maciej Żmuda-Adamski

Detectives of digital entertainment industry

Michał Dębek
Maciej Żmuda-Adamski

Michal is a doctor of psychology, certified marketer (CIM DipM pending) and senior researcher in qualitative & quantitative methodologies. Former professor at the Institute of Psychology – University of Wroclaw, where he has been head of Consumer Psychology Track, and former head of marketing at Techland with extensive industry experience. Recently pioneering VR CX research.
He develops his business oriented attitude since 1998. Currently obsessed by gathering of classic and bio-feedback from gamers, customer insights research, and strategic marketing planning for gaming industry.

Maciej has chosen video games as a way of living which connects passion with work. Entered VG industry in 1997 as a journalist (still active), which led into game development & publishing in 2007. Former PR Manager & Brand Manager at Techland (responsible for e.g. Dying Light) and Chief Marketing Officer at mobile app design & development agency Nomtek. Producer of the very first european video game utilizing the upcoming Mixed Reality technology for Magic Leap.

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