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Areas of interest

Areas of interest (AOI) allow us to extract collected data and present it in relation to a specific area selected by the researcher. Such areas are very useful when it comes to testing, for example, user Interfaces or websites. Areas of interest can also be used to compare results of two different groups of players – men and women, younger and older, fans of specific genres etc.  

Areas of interest tell us:  

  • how many of the tested players looked at a particular spot,  
  • how much time it took them to look at it for the first time (time to first fixation; TTFF),  
  • how much time they spent looking there, 
  • how many fixations occurred.  

In addition, AOIs can also show information about the mouse click count, thus showing not only if the participants saw the AOI, but also if they actually interacted with it.

Areas of interest (AOI) for store page of Kena: Bridge of Spirits at Epic Games Store